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Although there are many experienced and professional photographers in the world, there is only so much that they can do when taking photographs if the background, weather or location is not ideal.

A digital editor is responsible for taking a bad photograph and editing it to ensure that it meets the approval of the client.

Most people think that retouching a photo only involves touching up the occasional skin blemish, but there is so much more involved with the retouch process.

Outdoor Photography

Think about outdoor photos that are taken of fashion models. Daytime shots are generally taken by using just the sunlight that exists. Usually, there are several sunlight changes as the day progresses, and the average photographer just changes the camera position to take as many pictures possible with the best lighting. However, this does not ensure that he’ll get the best pictures.

Retouching Outdoor Photographs

Chances are these outdoor model photographs are retouched to get better quality pictures. For example, the digital editor might have to get rid of reflections in the building windows behind the models. This involves retouching light levels to make the models look better than the background. Also, the luminance is changed to improve the soft light balance. This does a great job of diminishing the background in each photo.

Make the Model Look Great

If the models have blemishes, wrinkles or any type of skin imperfections, they are removed from the photographs. This is done with various software such as Adobe Photoshop that can perform functions such as slim down the face, get rid of freckles, change hair color, brighten skin tones, add tattoos, change makeup shades, put color into the cheeks or even make the models’ sunglasses look better.

Make the Photo Look Real

When it comes to the retouching process, the final photo is everything. Most importantly, it has to look real to the human eye. Although there are many photography techniques used to make the models in these outdoor photographs look great, they don’t matter if the models don’t look totally awesome in the final photos. The backgrounds and forefronts are changed and modified, but nothing should look out of place in the final photographs.

In all actuality, the final model photographs may look even better than the original still photos. Although this may happen, the final photographs should still look very real to the human eye. The goal is to ensure that the retouching process works so well that everything in the photographs look not only wonderful, but also real to the naked eye. If this doesn’t take place, then the retouching process was not a successful one overall.