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For artists everywhere, many different areas of expertise have been revealed by the advent of the digital age. The fact of the matter is that in order to keep pace with the daily internet traffic the demand for stock photos, content creation and high-quality graphics has truly skyrocketed. If you or someone you know are a visual artist, a career in producing moving images might be a choice to be considered looking into as you move forward in life. Such a choice is guaranteed to be highly challenging for sure, but it can also be very highly rewarding as well.


Since you will have to get acquainted with the different technologies which apply to the creation of moving images, your efforts can and will be challenging. Included in these efforts will be CGI or computer-generated imagery, to create videos and photographs. The truth is that you will need to become familiar with and master several different software technologies to get things done right. You will be seeking to create dynamic, static, 2D or 3D images that can then be turned into video games, printed media, advertisements, films, simulators and truly many other different applications.

The truth of the matter is that the need for originality and creativity cannot be stressed enough because of the vast number of images and content on the internet. This poses a difficult but rewarding threshold to reach, if you are an artist. The truth is that producing a viral and well-regarded piece, gaining recognition from peers, coming up with images that are thought provoking are all great feats to be accomplished and ones an true artist would like to take on. Artists and programmers alike are provided with a whole new medium by CGI which demands careful precision in planning and executing. It is made even more difficult because it is so difficult to produce clear and crisp images above those being produced on so many different items such as the more expensive smartphones. This is why there needs to be a lot of thought and creativity put into the creation of images that will truly stand out. You also have to keep in mind that literally everyday there are new technologies being introduced so the CGI developer must continue all efforts to be consistently updated and aware!

The complexities of photography and content creation have been raise to new highs by the evolving digital age progress, but it still remains an industry rewarding both intellectually and financially. This career may be the one for you if you are the sort of person who thrives on consistent challenges!