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“Although photographers can take fantastic shots, there’s a limit to what they can do about the shot location, reflections, unattractive backgrounds, bad weather and other obstacles.

Digital editors take existing photos from photographers, for the purpose of enhancing their composition to relay the vision more effectively, and give clients the images they need.

We might regard retouching as just the purview of blemish removal or skin touch up from the face of a model for a billboard ad, however the process is far more extensive than this.


Photography Outdoors

Think about a situation where several snaps are taken of a model outdoors in a daytime setting. Throughout the day, photographs are taken in the natural light and the light level changes during the day, in line with the movement of the sun through the sky. To allow for this, the photographer changes the camera’s position and alters the place for the model to stand to obtain the best natural light possible. However, in the end, this is only of limited effectiveness.

Improving the Clarity of Images by Retouching Shots Taken Outdoors

Retouching photographs from an outdoor shoot, such as the one described above, offers ways to eliminate undesirable reflections in the office building windows behind the model. Photographs with faded light get retouched to increase levels of light, and enable the model to jump out from the backdrop. The light levels in each photo are changed using a white and black layer, which boosts the balance of soft light. This is especially helpful to alter the appearance of the background.

Making the Most of the Fashion Model in the Photo

Blemishes, including skin wrinkles and damage to archived photographs, is eliminated using artist equipment within software suites, like Adobe Photoshop. Hair color adjustments, skin brightening, freckle removal, slimmed down faces, and even putting sunglass reflections in the glasses the model wears are all achievable.

Putting a subtle tattoo on the model’s neck at the side, adding different makeup, and accentuating additional color in the model’s cheeks can all improve the final photograph ready for online publication or printing.

The Realism of Photos

As far as final shots go, photo realism is extremely important. Enhancing photos with different retouching methods, to make a model appear exactly right and declutter backgrounds, should look realistic. Anything that appears unnatural in a still photograph jumps out horrendously and destroys the overall look. Certainly, the photograph might be better than real life in comparison to the original photograph, however to the naked eye the finished shot still ought to appear natural. If it doesn’t, the retouching method has failed to achieve its’ objective.”