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New technologies have continued to give birth to industries that were inconceivable in the past. Even old industries have been touched by the digital revolution. Nurses don’t always have to go to a clinic or hospital to do their jobs. Some are employed as medical transcriptionists who can perform their work at home and send their outputs through the Internet. Programming were regarded as a niche job not so long ago but now coders have overtaken many traditional professions in terms of compensation. Technology has also made it more difficult to distinguish between products and services as there are plenty of content that are being made available as continuous services. They include streaming media, online games, and the like.


There are so many novel technologies that have become highly sought over the last few decades. This includes computer generated imagery or CGI which has become indispensable when creating visual effects for advertisements, movies, games, images, and similar types of digital content. Innovations have come fast and furious in this field which is great for the consumers as they improve realism and heighten the experience. On the other hand, it pushes CGI developers to their absolute limit as they are forced to keep up with the constant barrage of new technologies and techniques that become available. They must also be mindful of the latest methods and equipment used by their industry competitors. Creativity is also crucial as technical expertise is not enough. To be successful, the work must be able to move the audiences by offering something new and authentic.

The Draw for CGI Developers

Those who are consider a career shift might want to think about becoming a CGI developer. The demand is high and there aren’t enough experts to fill the gaps. Simple economics pushes the compensation of skilled professionals to impressive levels. They just need to woo the best talent possible and keep them as long as they can. What’s more work schedules are flexible since the job is results-driven. Developers do not need to be on their desk from 9-to-5. They can work at night is they feel more productive that way or finish everything noon and be free for the rest of the day. They can spend more hours with their family, do their hobbies, and attend to the things that they care about. The work-life balance, the continued learning, and the excellent compensation make this job quite attractive.