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The digital age has opened many doors for new industries you’ve never imagined in the past. For instance, in the past nurses had to be in clinics, hospitals, or hospices to find work. Today, medical transcriptionists work online and by phone giving patients the emergency medical information they need.

While just a few years ago software engineers and programmers were considered niche professions, today they’re making more money than most professionals. Technology has blurred the line between products and services too. Apps now combine both products and services, offering you a usable product that delivers content such as augmented reality programs, video games, and other media products.


A great example of an innovative product this evolving technology has brought around is computer-generated imagery (CGI). This involves using computer graphics and programs for manipulating images that result in high-resolution images, videos, video games, movies, and other types of content.

Working with CGI Studio is a very challenging job since developers have to be up-to-date with the latest technologies the industry’s big players are using. As such, developers must be adept in technology and have a really creative mind too. This is because taking the time to produce sharp, high-quality images isn’t enough anymore. If you want to stand out from the competition you must produce thought-evoking content that captures an audience’s attention, which in and of itself is challenging because they’re presented with a lot of online images and content each day.

Why Consider a Career in CGI

CGI developers are really skilled. Today, they’re in high demand. In fact, the demand is higher than what the industry can supply. For this reason, employers offer really good compensation packages. Most CGI companies are startups. Therefore, they have a new new business mentality. What this means is that they don’t require their CGI developers and other employees to maintain a 9 to 5 schedule as long as they get their job done. This offers great flexibility for night owls who want to work when they’re the most productive. At the same time, it lets developers maintain the work-life balance we’re all searching for. With this they can actually enjoy their paycheck. Most developers like their jobs even though this career requires continual education. As such, this job is never boring nor is the work ever dull. Everyone is always striving to improve their work so they can stand out. This definitely isn’t an ordinary job.